Lil Wayne Reflects In New Single 'Mirror' feat. Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne is at it again: his latest single 'Mirror' has been released and it's in the same vein as his first from Tha Carter IV, 'How To Love'. 'Mirror' features Bruno Mars and the two artists (who are an unlikely pairing in our opinion) have a video for the song that came out today.

The song is a really insightful track about Lil Wayne examining his life up to this point and being introspective while looking at the man in the "Mirror." Here's a part when he references his possible past problems with drugs and his inner pain:
But you think that you're on your way / life lined up on the mirror, don't blow it (Whoo!) / Look at me when I'm talking to you / You lookin' at me, but I'm lookin' through you

I see the blood in your eyes / I see the love in disguise / I see the pain hidden in your pride / I see you're not satisfied

And I don't see nobody else / I see myself

At times the song takes a dark tone and tells of how alone Weezy feels alone and like he's carrying a painful past with him every day. But the song also takes some hopeful turns with the rapper beginning to accept that his past has shaped him, his family has made him into a good man, and he's successful:
I see my Mama's smile, that's a blessing / I see the change; I see the message / And no message coulda been any clearer / So I'm starting with the man in the (mirror)

All in all, we love seeing this softer side of Lil Wayne's music and lyric-writing. With his new album and especially this new introspective single, he's shown that he can joke around and make club hits but there's still substance and emotion behind his skills. Here's the video for 'Mirror':