Lily Allen's "Sheezus" Is Our Pick For Track Of The Week

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Yay, #TrendingTuesday! We're hoping you're familiar with our weekly list of the best of the best new tracks that crop up every Tuesday, the official day of new media releases. Today's quite a massive day for pop music, with new singles from actress-turned-country-singer Lucy Hale and even a fresh new romantic song from heartthrob Austin Mahone. But they're not the only heavy-hitters on our #TT list: keep your eyes (well, ears) peeled for tracks from some of hip-hop's elite rappers, the second single from a fun. member, and Jenny From The Block's new ode to her beloved. Wanna know what songs we compiled for #TrendingTuesday? Scroll on down and make sure your Spotify player is at the ready!

10. William Onyeabor vs. Hot Chip - Atomic Bomb

Why it's trending: Who is William Onyeabor? Prominent record label founded by Talking Heads' David Byrne, Luaka Bop, has reissued songs from the 70s from this little-known music maker, and Hot Chip reworked one of his best tracks for the reissues' remix album. Press play if you want a cool, progressive electronic track to groove to.

Best lyric line: "I'm going to explode / I'm going to explode / I'm going to explode / Like atomic bomb..."

9. The Horrors - So Now You Know

Why it's trending: Post-punk Brits The Horrors have just released their highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Luminous, and its first single "So Now You Know" was a track we just had to include on our #TT list. Horrors fans can't get enough of their goth-rock shoegaze stylings, and neither can we!

Best lyric line: "Beyond the fear of letting go / Out there on the shore tonight / That's the life you put aside for too long..."

8. Santana - Oye 2014 (ft. Pitbull)

Why it's trending: You know that if you get Pitbull to sing the hook on your song that you're golden, and that's what Latin guitar legend Santana did for his track "Oye 2014". Mr. Worldwide pays homage to the longtime musician on his latest release, Corazón, which also features guest vocals by Miguel, Ziggy Marley, and Gloria Estefan.

Best lyric line: "It's a legend in the making with a legend himself / Y'all go 'head and get rich, me I'm here for the wealth..."

7. Bleachers - Shadow

Why it's trending: Jack Antonoff of fun. fame's solo project, Bleachers, first came onto the scene with the heavy "I Wanna Get Better", which was apparently penned about reflecting on the death of his younger sister when he was a teenager. His second single, "Shadow", is almost shockingly different in musical and lyrical style: it's a fun, funky singalong about offering support to your loved one (hmm, could it be about beau Lena Dunham?).

Best lyric line: "When the lights go down / I will stand right beside you / And if you're feeling small / I love your shadow..."

6. Lucy Hale - Kiss Me

Why it's trending: We think that country music is treating Lucy Hale quite nicely! The Pretty Little Liars actress is being straightforward in her new single, just asking her love interest in question to lean in and give her a big ol' kiss. Is that too much to ask?

Best lyric line: "Who we kidding? / Why we pretending? / Wish you'd just go on and lean in now / What are you waiting for..."

5. Austin Mahone - Till I Find You

Why it's trending: OK, this is just not getting very fair, Austin Mahone. See, I'm spoken for, but your lyrics are just too darn romantic! The latest single from the rising teen star is definitely making me question my current relationship.

Best lyric line: "Every minute I'm without you / I lose, cause an angel touched my heart and took / My cool, every second feels like fire / I'm blue, what I gon' do till I find you..."

4. Usher - Good Kisser

Why it's trending: Um, is it warm in here? Oh, it's just USHER'S NEW SONG. The R&B powerhouse and current coach on The Voice decided to release "Good Kisser" pretty much out of nowhere, and, well, it's pretty steamy, as you can imagine.

Best lyric line: "I think that she's a winner / She could be a keeper / Cause she's such a good kisser..."

3. Jennifer Lopez - First Love

Why it's trending: Coming off her upcoming LP AKA, Jennifer Lopez AKA J.Lo sings about how she wishes her current man was her first love, so she could forget about the other ones she's had. But J.Lo! Honey! Old loves are just a part of life...

Best lyric line: "I wish you were my first love / 'Cuz if you were first / Baby there would've been no second, third or fourth love..."

2. DJ Khaled - They Don't Love You No More (ft. Jay Z, Rick Ross, French Montana, and Meek Mill)

Why it's trending: Whoa, this hip-hop banger came out of nowhere! DJ Khaled is known to get the world's hottest rappers together under one roof to record massive rap tracks, and "They Don't Love You No More" is no objection. Jay Z! Rick Ross! Meek Mill! French Montana! Thanks for doing your civic duty, DJ Khaled.

Best lyric line: "Should be your favorite, now you're just hatin' / S*** starting to change, you want me to change, nah / They don't love you no more..."

1. Lily Allen - Sheezus

Why it's trending: Sheezus is here, and Lily Allen is ready to be queen of the pop stars. Taking a lyrical play off of Kanye West's Yeezus, Allen's surprise album has the pop singer letting us into her day-to-day life: taking care of the kids, being with her husband, trolling the Internet, and of course, trying to make it in music. It's hard out here for a b****!

Best lyric line: "Second best will never cut it for the divas / Give me that crown, b***** / I wanna be Sheezus..."

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