WATCH: Matt Pond Talks Songwriting

The singer/songwriter breaks down his writing process in our exclusive Liner Notes video interview

Welcome back as we bring you another session of Liner Notes, MetroLyrics' interview series featuring songwriters discussing their craft.

In this episode, we sat down with Matt Pond, an NYC-based indie-rock singer/songwriter who's been in the music biz since the late 90s. Once fronting the band Matt Pond PA, he decided to ditch the PA and go solo, with his album The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hands currently on the shelves.

In the interview, Matt discusses his songwriting and how it's a never-ending process. "You think you've got it all, and then you realize you don't have anything," says Pond. "You keep starting, and stopping, and it's frustrating, but it feeds into the writing process." He also claims that he needs total isolation to write his music, which can be difficult, especially when you reside in a city as big as New York.

Watch our exclusive Liner Notes session above for a look into the creative process of Matt Pond, and when you're done, check out our previous Liner Notes episodes:

Matt Pond's The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand is available on iTunes now. Share your thoughts with us on our interview with Matt in the comments below.