Lissie Explains Why She Wrote A Song For People Who Hate Their Jobs

It's called 'I Don't Wanna Go To Work' and is for folks stuck in bad jobs just to pay the bills.

Are you stuck working a job you hate in order to pay your bills? Well, California based singer-songwriter Lissie knows what that feels like. It's the reason she wrote the song "I Don't Wanna Go To Work," an anthem for working class folks who are forced to work jobs they hate just to get by. "I don't wanna go to work / You don't pay me what I'm worth," sings Lissie on the chorus, sharing a feeling that virtually everyone has felt at one point in their lives (or will, if they haven't yet). Lissie discusses the song in our latest episode of BETWEEN THE LINES, explaining its inspiration and true lyrical meaning. Watch the clip at the top of the post to hear about the song's meaning from the songwriter herself.
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