Listen: Carrie Underwood's New Song "Good Girl"

It's been a minute or two since we've heard from hugely-successful American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and country fans everywhere have been waiting with baited breath. Finally, her new single is here! It's called "Good Girl" and it's a warning to all the good girls out there who can't see that they're with a no-good guy. Cheating, breakups, and general heartbreak seem to be common themes in Carrie's songs; think she's been hurt in the past?
But he's really good at lying girl
Yeah, he'll leave you in the dust
'Cause when he says forever
Well, it don't mean much
Hey good girl
So good for him
Better back away honey
You don't know where he's been

Sounds like Carrie doesn't have the best opinion on guys, or maybe just the bad ones... Here's the song, tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Also, for a peek behind the scenes of the recording of "Good Girl", check out this video Carrie and her team made themselves!