Listen To Lana Del Rey's Haunting Cover Of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box"

Last night at her show in Sydney, Australia, Lana Del Rey did something that might catch her some flack from the haters: she covered Nirvana. We all know that diehard Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fans are almost impossible to impress, which is a fact that Miley Cyrus learned when she covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on her 2011 tour and was subsequently voted Worst Cover Song of All Time by Rolling Stone readers.

Although other pop-stars have faltered with Nirvana covers, we think Lana Del Rey's cover of  "Heart Shaped Box" does the haunting song justice. In it, she sings with her fluttering voice in a low register and is accompanied by one guitar and some background strings. Hear for yourself:

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