Listen To Robin Thicke's New Track "Go Stupid 4 U"

The 'Blurred Lines' crooner has another funky, fun track for you to blast...

RobinThickeImageImage c/o Mark Davis (Getty)

We don't know what's gotten into Robin Thicke these days, but the blue-eyed soul crooner has revamped himself into one of the hottest singers in pop right now, and we like it. With "Blurred Lines" blowing up the charts, and his album of the same title due out at the end of the month, Thicke is currently on a roll. And with his new track "Go Stupid 4 U" streaming on Soundcloud, you can hear the funky new jam by the performer.

Singing the lyrics I won't stop, girl / Every time you're walking down the block, girl / Girl, I go stupid for you in the chorus, Thicke is sticking to his favorite subject for the words to his new album, most likely — girls. And we expect no less from the charmer: hear "Go Stupid 4 U" on Soundcloud below: