Listen Up! Justin Bieber raps

Ladies love Cool J. Justin, that is. Yep, the lil Canadian has returned as Shawty Mane on Chris Brown's latest mixtape on the track "Ladies Love Me".

Wait wait wait. Now let me get this straight. Justin Bieber can sing, dance, act, play whatever instrument he picks up AND rap? Let me guess, he's also an astronaut, chess champion and performs open heart surgery every other weekend. What the heck? The only "skills" I had when I was 17 was the ability to put a whole roll of Bubble Tape in my mouth at once.

Back to the rap though, it's not even really THAT bad — if you don't mind hearing the word "swag" 10 times in one verse. "Amazing / I'm blazing / Look over here, see that I'm amazing" is just a taste of the lyrical genius in Justin's flow. Hey, at least it's easy to sing along to!