Listen Up: Lady Gaga's newest single 'Hair'

Newly released single, Hair, is another powerful song from none other than the hair chameleon herself, Lady Gaga. Continuing on the main theme of Born This Way, Gaga sings "I just wanna be myself and I want you to love me for who I am." This dance-ballad also features the saxophonist from the E Street Band (like Edge of Glory) but we think it's decidedly less cheesy. In the song, Gaga uses hair as a metaphor for freedom and individuality and it's totally empowering. We can't wait to hear this on a dancefloor somewhere so we can do some hair-whipping.

Lady Gaga has been releasing songs in anticipation of her 3rd album Born This Way but we're split on whether the mutliple releases are too close together. On one hand, we get to hear lots of the album before we buy it (although we, being die-hard Gaga fans, were going to buy it anyway) but on the other hand, it sort of over-saturates her singles (I mean, we've already kind of forgotten about Edge Of Glory...).

What do you think of the multiple releases? Are you as big of a Hair fan as we are?