Listen Up! Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera

*In Jerry Seinfeld voice* 
"What is the deal with whistles in pop music?" Maroon 5 (with their now famous lead singer Adam Levine) and Christina Aguilera both feel the need to add a lil' whistle with their collaborative pop tune "Moves Like Jagger". Personally, I dig the soul-pop Maroon 5 from 2004 as opposed to this boppy jam, but I'm diggin' when Xtina BELTS IT OUT LIKE NO OTHA GAL CAN on her solo part. Despite my slightly underwhelmed review, the song's destined for radio fame and I'm makin' bets right now that it's a contender for pop song of the summer. Got an opinion about the tune? Check out the video (with lyrics!) right hurr:

(If you've got Jagger fever after listening, here's the link to purchase this future song-of-the-summer!)