LL Cool J's 3 Funniest Lyrics

Words cannot express how stoked we are to watch LL Cool J host The 2012 Grammys this Sunday, February 12th. We love how LL can be an all-out hardcore gangsta rapper, but take things down a notch and charm every last lady in town with a classic slow jam. What can we say: the guy is an all-around hip-hop superstar! But did you know that he can be kind of funny as well? Why do you think they chose him to host the show? Taking a look at some of Cool J's lyrics has us LOL-ing all over the place. Check out our picks for LL Cool J's top 3 funniest lyrics:

Mama Said Knock You Out

"Old English filled my mind / And I came up with a funky rhyme / Shadow boxin when I heard you on the radioHUUUH / I just don't know"

LL Cool J took the words right out of our mouths for this one: we just don't know. After drinking a bottle of Old English, he comes up with a "funky line" while shadow-boxing to the radio...HUUUH! Huh? LL, you crazy.


"She likes Hip-Hop and R&B / Her life time goal is to be on TV / She looking for a man that could give her a break / Like Usher or Justin Timberlake"

A little nursary rhyme-like, Cool J, don't you think? We don't know why but we also LOL over the fact that he name-drops Justin Timberlake. Who knew the guy had such street cred to be shouted out by LL Cool J?

Control Myself

"Like I wanna, like I wanna, wanna / Zezeze / Zezeze / Zezeze"

WHAT. IS. UP. WITH. THE. ZEZEZEZE. Seriously. Those are lyrics? I rest my case.

Will you be tuning in to the Grammys on Sunday, February 12th to catch LL Cool J LOL-ing it up?