LL Cool J's "No Crew Is Superior (Remix)" Celebrates 100th NCIS Episode

Get the lyrics to the rapper/actor's tribute to NCIS: Los Angeles!

LL Cool J isn't just one of rap's most iconic figures; he also stars on CBS' hit show NCIS: Los Angeles as Special Agent Sam Hanna. Last night, the show aired its 100th episode — no small feat for a weekly TV program. To celebrate the milestone, LL released a remix of his song "No Crew Is Superior," a song he originally recorded for the show back in 2009.

On "No Crew Is Superior (Remix)" (the song title is an acronym for NCIS!, obvs), LL Cool J raps to his enemies "They watchin', they plottin', they be prayin' for my downfall / I'm still risin' to the top," as the clip featuring the song shows off some of the best and, well, explosive shots of NCIS LA. Watch the video below off the CBS player and let us know what you think of the remix, produced by "Tricky" Stewart:

[UPDATE: Unfortunately this video is no longer available]
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Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Tuesdays at 9/8 central on CBS.