LMFAO Gets The MS Paint Treatment, Hilarity Ensues

This song will. Not. Die! Not that we're complaining, especially when LMFAO's ubiquitous Party Rock Anthem inspires hilarious/amazing videos like the following one (or this one). The video is part of a Youtube account called "Literal MS Paint" which is pretty self-explanatory but here's the jist: they (hilariously) take songs and produce animated videos which take the lyrics and represent them literally.

Before we watched the videos we were a little skeptical, like "how much more literal can LMFAO be in this song?" but when we finally clicked 'play' we were in laughing fits. Some examples of the literal interpretations of the lyrics:
We just wanna see you shake that

A stick man is show holding an object in the shape of the word "That" and shaking it as if rocking a baby back and forth.
Yo, I'm runnin' through these ho's like Drano

A bottle of Drano runs through a bunch of garden hoes...

Ok, it's NOT as funny when we explain it but you get the idea. What we're trying to say is WATCH IT: