LOL Of The Day: Aziz Ansari vs. Watch The Throne

Before we introduce this LOL of the Day let us provide a little background on Aziz Ansari:

He's a comedian best known for his role as Tom Haverford on NBC comedy sitcom Parks and Recreation who is also a sketch comedy actor and standup performer. Legend has it that Kanye West once came to one of his standup shows with a huge entourage and liked it so much that he invited Aziz out on the town with him! And now they're friends!

Kanye and Aziz are such good friends in fact, that he has a brief cameo in the Otis video:

Homeboy's got some swag! Now here's the LOL part: last week Aziz started tweeting some hilarious comics he made using Watch The Throne lyrics! Here are a couple of our faves:

Fans have chimed in with their own comics and so can you by tweeting with the hashtag #WatchtheThroneComics

Oooops, we might have made one...