LOL Of The Day: ...Little Girl Swagger?

OK Ark Music Factory, we get it, we're not thick in the head: you want to capitalize on the success of Rebecca Black and make as much money as you possibly can by taking over the "singing" career of a young female and auto-tuning the HECK outta her. I guess The Ark's yet to take a step back and realize how RIDICULOUS this strategy is. Case in point: nine-year-old Madison Bray, singing about a slang word that she probably does not even understand ("Swag...what the fudge is 'swag'?")

I mean, props to the Factory for not dressing these girls up in NSFW-themed clothes and makeup, as well as not writing songs for them about luuurve, boyz, and hitting up da club. The video is essentially a day in the life of a kid — soccer, ice cream, hanging out by the bleachers, etc etc etc. It's all fun and innocent, but it's essentially a breeding ground for kids to make fun of these girls. It's kind of sad to watch Madison attempt to lip-sync and half-dance, executing her "girl swag"...I mean, WTF?

I guess this isn't that much of a LOL Of The Day. More like a Sadface Of The Day. C'mon, Ark Music Factory — get off your high horse and quit trying to create another Rebecca Black!

~ A.H.