LOL Of The Day: Milo and Otis as Kanye and Jay-Z

Please, please, PLEASE tell me you've seen The Adventures of Milo and Otis? Even if you weren't raised on this classic family flick from the late 80's, you'll be thoroughly entertained by the extreme cuteness of Milo the cat and Otis the dog taking on the roles of Watch The Throne moguls Kanye West and Jay-Z. 

Set to their latest single, "Otis" (duh), the clip uses footage from the OG movie and tells the story of Yeezy & Hov's friendship through the eyes of the adorbs kitten & pug duo. You might say that I should have titled this post "CUTE OVERLOAD Of The Day", but there are some definite LOL-worthy moments that I won't ya gotta hit play!

~ A.H.