LOL Of The Day: Scotty McCreery - I Love You This Big

OK, OK — I understand I might get a LOT of flak from Scotty "The Hotty" fans, but I seriously LOL'd when I saw American Idol champ Scotty McCreery's new vid. He's a cute kid, don't get me wrong, but crooning "I Love You This Big" while half-heartedly opening your arms gets the LOLs flowing. Have I thrown out enough LOLs yet? LOLOLOLOL. 

Can I just get something else off my chest — does it kinda weird anybody else out that Scotty's voice doesn't match, well, him? He's got a bit of a baby face, so it's quite jarring to hear such a baritone drawl come outta him. I mean, can this guy even grow facial hair? *dodges eggs being thrown at me* 

 I will say that it's a smart move that they didn't give him a love interest in the video, because A) it gives Scotty lovers a chance to imagine themselves ~*in his arms*~, and B) it would have been another LOL-worthy thing for me to mention and then potentially get egged again.

Anybody out there lurrrrrve the vid?

~ A.H.