LOL Of The Day: The Infamous Rebecca Black "Surprises" Katy Perry

Whoa, Katy! Don't look now, but there's an Internet sensation creeping up behind you! What better way to honor said guest than to completely overshadow her and belt out her hit tune "Friday"? 

All jokes aside, Ms. Rebecca Black made a special appearance at Katy Perry's California Dreams show at LA's Nokia Theater on (no surprises here) Friday, August 5th. 

Katy is known for her stripped down cover of the "infamous" Youtube hit, so it seems only natural for Ms. Black to accompany her onstage, seeing as they're BFFs and all ("Last Friday Night" video, anyone?). Despite the LOL factor, the audience is definitely into the duet, shouting and fist pumping "YEAH!" after KP & RB chant "Partyin', partyin'!". Silly gals!

~ A.H.