Look Inside Latin-Pop Legend Gloria Estefan's My Musical Mind

The GRAMMY-winning performer filled out our handwritten survey...

Returning with her 27th solo album, Gloria Estefan continues her reign as the most successful crossover performer in Latin music with The Standards, a collection of covers from the American Songbook. Performing renditions of classics like "What A Wonderful World", "The Way You Look Tonight", and "How Long Has This Been Going On" , pop ballads may not have been expected from the legendary singer, but she wanted to pay homage to the songs that inspired her in the past. "This album brings everything full circle for me!", stated Estefan, who worked on the record with her husband Emilio Estefan.

We received Gloria Estefan's handwritten My Musical Mind survey to help us learn a little bit more about the superstar, from the first album she ever bought with her own money (it's a classic!), to the nicest thing a fan's ever done for her. Take a look at Gloria Estefan's My Musical Mind below:

Watch the video for "How Long Has This Been Going On" on VEVO below:

Download The Standards on iTunes, available today. What do you think of Gloria Estefan's My Musical Mind?