Lorde: "I'm Really Drawn To Beautiful Words"

Watch VEVO's latest Lift episode with the "Royals" singer explaining her lyrical influences.

Since Lorde's been reigning our Top 100 chart for weeks upon weeks, one thing's for sure: people love the 16-year-old New Zealand native's lyrics. Which is why it seemed fitting for VEVO to sit down with the teenaged phenomenon to discuss the lyrics off her debut release, Pure Heroine, for their Lift interview series.

"Songwriting, for me, will start with a particular phrase or word which kind of sums up this concept that has been bubbling in my head," Lorde muses in the video interview. "I'm really drawn to really beautiful words, and really perfect terms of phrase that really inspire me."

Telling the story on how she came up with the song title for her massive smash "Royals", she mentions seeing a picture of a baseball player with the word emblazoned across the picture. "That word is so beautiful...how can I incorporate that into something?", she recalls aloud. Lorde also explains how for her song "Tennis Court", she actually wrote the lyrics after the melody, instead of the other way around.

Watch Lorde sit down with VEVO Lift and discuss her lyrical influences in the clip below:

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