Lyric Battle: Britney Spears vs. Katy Perry

Previously on Lyric Battle, Latin superstars J.Lo and Pitbull went toe-to-toe with lyrics from the same song ("On The Floor") up against each other. So, whose lyrical line reigned supreme? The champion is...

Jennifer Lopez! Here's her winning lyrics:

I know you got it, clap your hands on the floor / And keep on rockin', rock it up on the floor / If you're a criminal, kill it on the floor / Steal it quick on the floor, on the floor

With the release of Britney's cinematic video for her new single "Criminal", we thought a perfect new Lyric Battle theme would be all about bad boys. But who's got song lyrics that match up with BritBrit's ditty about her bad-to-the-bone man? How about Katy Perry's "E.T."? Let's put the two side-by-side:

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~ A.H.