Lyric Battle: Bruno Mars vs. Train

Last week, we polled our users to see who writes the better lyrics about getting over someone, and based on the poll results, the winner is...*drumroll*

Kelly Clarkson with "Mr. Know It All"! Here are the winning lyrics:

Nobody's gonna make a fool out of me / Baby you should know that I lead not follow

This week's Lyric Battle features a pair of romantic fellows who want to get hitched with the women of their dreams. Bruno Mars with "Marry You" vs. Train's "Marry Me"! Whoa...did these guys get together and write their songs alongside each other? Strange coincidence...

The question we're asking for Lyric Battle this week is: who writes better lyrics about proposing to somebody? 

Who would you get married to depending on these lyrics? Vote in our poll below...

The winner will be announced with our new Lyric Battle, so stay tuned everybody!

~ A.H.