Lyric Battle (Crowdsourced Edition): Eminem vs. Lil Wayne

This week we were stumped for a lyric battle. We didn't know which two artists to feature that would 1. Appeal to y'all and 2. Be equally matched in lyrical prowess. So we decided to take it to the front lines (our Facebook page) to ask YOU who you'd like to see go head-to-head in the next edition of lyric battle.

We got a ton of responses from rock (RHCP vs. Kings of Leon) to old school (Journey vs. Foreigner) but the one pairing that came back multiple times was rap heavy-weights Eminem and Lil Wayne. They both strangely had lyrics about losing their minds in their songs '6 Foot 7 Foot' and 'I Need A Doctor', so those are the lyrics that are facing off!


Last Lyric Battle, Dev faced off against Far East Movement and the verdict is in...Dev takes the prize for best lyrics about having a good time! Make sure to vote in this week's lyric battle and tell us your reasoning in the comments!