Lyric Battle: David Guetta & Sia vs. Jessie J

Our previous Lyric Battle had Bruno Mars and Train going head-to-head on who wrote the better lyrics about proposing to their significant others. Based on the poll results, the winner is...

BRUNO MARS with his song "Marry You"! Here are the winning lyrics:

It's a beautiful night / We're looking for something dumb to do / Hey baby / I think I wanna marry you

Today, in honor of all the talk about making bullying against the law in the news (go Gaga go!), we thought we'd base this Lyric Battle around building confidence in yourself and overcoming the people who taunt you. But who wrote them best? David Guetta & Sia with "Titanium" or Jessie J with "Who's Laughing Now?"...

Take your pick in our Lyric Battle poll & see whose words reign supreme:

We'll reveal the results on our next lyric battle...cheers, everyone!

~ A.H.