Lyric Battle: James Durbin vs. Haley Reinhart

It's the battle of the Season 10 American Idol contestants in this edition of Lyric Battle! In one corner, we have rocker James Durbin (who made it to the final four), and in the other corner, soul singer Haley Reinhart (eliminated in the final three). Both Idols bring different things to the table musically: Durbin is a proud, bandana-wearing alt-rock star and Reinhart is incorporating her soul/jazz vocal roots into the pop world. With news of Durbin's U.S. spring concert tour and the release date of Reinhart's first album (May 22nd) on the table, both Idols are in the news and ready to battle. Which set of lyrics do you prefer: James Durbin's "Love Me Bad" or Haley Reinhart's "Free"?