Lyric Battle: Justin Bieber vs. The Cast of Glee

Glee image c/o Zap 2 It

It's that time again...the second round of Xmas Lyric battle! With all the holiday albums that were released this year, we figured we'd better have a battle of the lyrics between two more holiday sensations. We've covered Mariah and Buble, so now it's time for Justin Bieber and the cast of Glee to step up to the plate. Whose lyrics do you gravitate towards more: Justin's "Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas" or Glee's "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"?

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Previously on Lyric Battle, we put two big Christmas heavy hitters up against each other: Mariah Carey and Michael Buble. Who prevailed?

Mariah Carey! Here are her winning Xmas lyrics:

"Make my wish come true / All I want for Christmas is you / You baby"

~ A.H.