Lyric Battle: Kanye West vs. Jay-Z

Have y'all been watching The Throne lately? Inspired by V-103's review of Kanye West & Jay-Z's epic Watch The Throne tour, we thought we'd put the two rap moguls up against one another in this edition of Lyric Battle. There's only room for one upon the throne, so who will be deemed the winner? We're putting Kanye's "Stronger" lyrics vs. Jay-Z's "Empire State Of Mind", so choose carefully...

Vote for your new king here:

Previously on Lyric Battle, Nickelback and Coldplay were at war with the battle of the best hopeful lyrics. Who got the most votes?

Coldplay with "Paradise"! Here are the winning lyrics:

"And so lying underneath those stormy skies / She'd say, 'oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise'"

The results for this edition of Lyric Battle are just around the corner...

~ A.H.