Lyric Battle: Katy Perry vs... Katy Perry!

This week's lyric battle may seem like an unorthodox one, an artist vs. themselves (hey, we did it for Beyonce back in the day!) but we think this issue merits a public vote: At the Grammys last weekend, Katy Perry performed her new song 'Part Of Me'. The song was originally released as a demo over a year ago but Katy recently re-recorded and released it. We think the timing is just about perfect(ly strategic) because it's a breakup song and Katy just broke up with her husband, Russel Brand. Here's where the lyrical aspect comes in: during her Grammy performance, Katy changed some of the lyrics to make them, well, a little more cutting.

The original lyrics in 'Part Of Me' said "You can keep the dog/ I never liked him anyway." and the Grammy lyrics were changed to "You can keep the diamond ring/ it don't mean nothing anyway." OUCH! We don't know what's worse: dissing a dog or dissing your engagement ring. It's time for you to decide, which are the harsher lyrics?



What do you think about changing lyrics? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll and commenting below!