Lyric Battle: Lady Gaga vs. Jennifer Lopez

We all know that Justin Bieber's "Baby" will probably remain the most-watched male music video EVER on Youtube. But what about the most-watched female video of all time? Lady Gaga reigned supreme with her video for "Bad Romance" gaining over 427 million views, but a new Queen of Youtube has taken over: Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor"! The video's received just over 428 million views, knocking Gaga down to the number two spot. Ouch, Little Monsters: Mother Monster has been dethroned! 

We noticed that both songs include the lyric "criminal" in them, so for this edition of Lyric Battle, why not put Gaga and J.Lo up against one another? Whose lyrics do you prefer?

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Previously on Lyric Battle, we wanted to know who had the better "sexy" lyrics: LMFAO or Justin Timberlake. The winner?

LMFAO with "Sexy And I Know It"! Here's the winning lyrics:

"When I walk in the spot, this is what I see / Everybody stops and they staring at me / I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it. / I'm sexy and I know it"

Look out for the results of this edition of Lyric Battle next time!

~ A.H.