Lyric Battle: Azealia Banks vs. Lana Del Rey

One calls herself the "Gangster Nancy Sinatra" and one is just straight up gangster (we mean that in the "badass" sense), Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks are two young women to watch in music this year. Del Rey has an album coming out this later this month, has appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine, and even performed on Saturday Night Live. Banks just signed with Universal Music, has songs that are blowing up on the blogosphere, and she even scored an endorsement from Kanye West who called her "the future of music." With all this hype and talent to boot, we wanted to put these two ladies head to head in a friendly lyric battle.

Lana Del Rey sings about love almost constantly so we used her song Born To Die, and Azealia Banks just released a softer track that samples Aaliyah called NEEDSUMLUV. Let's see how these love songs measure up...

Our last lyric battle saw Florence Welch go up against Jessie J and win for best lyrics! Be sure to vote in this week's lyric battle and let us know what you think in the comments!