Lyric Battle: Lil Wayne vs. Taylor Swift

Previously on Lyric Battle, we asked who wrote the better lyrics about a broken heart: Christina Perri vs. Demi Lovato. This was the CLOSEST battle we've ever had...with only ONE more vote than the other, the winner is...

Demi Lovato! Here's the winning lyrics:

And I just ran out of band aids / I don't even know where to start / Cause you can bandage the damage / You never really can fix a heart

This round of Lyric Battle, like our previous one, is also a serious matter. Who writes the better lyrics about the trials of growing up too fast? Lil Wayne's smash "How To Love" or Taylor Swift's demure "Innocent". You be the judge:

Vote in our poll below to determine the big winner...

Tune in next time for the results!

~ A.H.