Lyric Battle: Nicki Minaj vs. M.I.A.

Today's lyric battle could read like an "Unlikeliest Collaborations" post of sorts. Madonna recently enlisted rapper Nicki Minaj and activist-pop-star M.I.A. to appear on her first single in years called "Give Me All Your Luvin'" and the results were very unique! The two appeared as cheerleaders in Madge's video (Nicki, an enthusiastic cheerer and M.I.A....well, less than) and also joined her on stage at the Super Bowl (no comment on M.I.A. apparently giving the middle finger to the camera!)

We decided that since these two starlets are old friends by now, they wouldn't mind a little friendly competition in the form of a lyric battle! We chose lyrics from each of their new singles, Nicki's "Stupid H**" and M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls". Vote for your favorites!