Lyric Battle: Pitbull vs. Chris Brown

With the recent release of Pitbull's "International Love" featuring Chris Brown, we thought we'd model this edition of Lyric Battle off another Pitbull-themed battle we had in the past. Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" featured the rapper, and we put J.Lo's verse up against PB's line. This time around, it's time to put Pitbull vs. Chris Brown up against one another for the battle of the better lyrics. Who will win?

Vote in our poll here:
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Previously on Lyric Battle, Justin Bieber and Glee's holiday hits went into the ring. Who prevailed?

Glee! Here are the winning lyrics:

"It's a very, very, merry, merry Christmas / Gonna party on 'til Santa grants my wishes"

~ A.H.