Lyric Battle: Rolling In The Deep vs. Someone Like You

You guys: Adele is so hot right now. Her breakout album 21 is back on the Billboard charts, and what better way to celebrate than a good ol' fashioned Lyric Battle! We're putting her two biggest songs from 21, "Rolling In The Deep" and "Someone Like You", head-2-head. Did you know that those two songs have been in our top 5 searched lyrics for MONTHS? We wanna know what lyrics about Adele's lost-love you like better:
Step right up and cast your vote:

As for the results from last week's Lyric Battle, we asked who penned the spooooookier lyrics, and the winner is...

Tyler, The Creator! By only a single vote, the young rapper's line reigned supreme:

The Devil doesn't wear Prada / I'm clearly in a f***ing white tee

~ A.H.