Lyric Battle: Spice Girls vs. Destiny's Child

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! Today, we not only celebrate the power of women, but also brush up on unresolved issues such as equalization of the sexes, the right for all women to be educated, and the end to human trafficking. We here at Metrolyrics agree with Beyonce's words "Girls / We run this motha / YEAH" from "Run The World (Girls)", and decided to have a friendly battle-of-the-girl-groups on this edition of Lyric Battle. In this corner, it's "Girl Power" phrase-coiners the Spice Girls, and up against the Girls with Beyonce taking the reigns, it's independent women Destiny's Child. Whose women-empowering lyrics are you going to vote for: Spice Girls "Wannabe" or Destiny's Child "Survivor"?

What will you being doing today on International Women's Day? Let us know in the comments.