Lyric Battle (The Hunger Games Edition): Kid Cudi vs. Maroon 5

Attention all Hunger Games fans: the wait is almost over for one of the biggest movies of the year! That's right, tomorrow's the big day — the Hunger Games movie will finally be released in theatres. Hands up if you've been counting down the days!

So you already know that we love Taylor Swift's Hunger Games ballad "Safe And Sound" (featuring The Civil Wars), but what about the other songs off the movie's soundtrack? This edition of Lyric Battle puts two other stellar songs from The Hunger Games soundtrack up against each other: Kid Cudi's "The Ruler and the Killer" vs. Maroon 5's "Come Away to the Water". Who are you going to vote for?


Download The Hunger Games soundtrack off iTunes or wherever you buy your music. Will you be seeing the movie in theatres tomorrow?