Lyric of The Week: Bruno Mars Sings About Twilight?

Are you as excited as we are for the Twilight Breaking Dawn release this Friday??? We're actually camped out front of a movie theater right now writing this from inside our tent. Just kidding, we're totally at the office. Don't get us wrong though, we're still excited—just not enough to live in a sleeping bag for 3 days. 

While we are pretty stoked to see Edward and Bella's wedding play out, we're just as curious about the soundtrack. Music for Twilight's past two installments included Radiohead, Muse, Iron & Wine, Paramore, Metric, and The Black Keys, so it's no surprise that we're dedicating our Lyric of the Week to a song off the Breaking Dawn soundtrack: Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain"

I'll never be your mother's favorite / Your daddy can't even look me in the eye / Oooh if I was in their shoes, I'd be doing the same thing / Saying there goes my little girl / walking with that troublesome guy

We're filing this under "most Twilight friendly lyric" because you can totally picture Edward singing this to Bella. "I'll never be your mother's favorite" because I'm a vampire and marrying me means that you have to be immortal? Pretty much.