Lyric of The Week: Lady Gaga Is Dreaming Of A White Snowman

If you didn't tune in to Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving Special, you missed out.

Usually known for her Rah-rah-ah-ha-ha's, Ga-ga-ooh-la-la's, and Judah-Judah-ah's, Mother Monster took a more traditional lyrical spin, signing classic holiday songs we all know and love. 

However, once she reached "White Christmas", she complained that she always thought the song was too short and added an extra verse, which has earned itself this this week's title of "Lyric Of The Week":

I'm dreaming of a white snowman / With a carrot nose and charcoal eyes / Oh, and when he cries, I'm gonna tell him it's okay / Because Santa's on his sleigh and he's on his way

Cute, right? But even more surprising than her "normal" lyrics was her "normal" outfit. Instead of dressing up as a snowman or Santa, or a reindeer, or a Christas tree, or a...sleigh (hey, weirder things have happened) she was decked out in lavish, flowing, cream colored couture, complete with a cute lil' hood. 

Thoughts on Gaga gone tame? Surely it's not here to stay, but it's a nice breath of fresh air. We likey.