Lyric Of The Week: LL Cool J - Baby

7 is considered to be a pretty lucky number, and the Grammy's are adding more evidence to the digit's good fortune with the announcement of their first host in 7 years: LL Cool J.

Since Queen Latifah hosted the revered music award show in 2005 the Grammy's have gone un-chaperoned. But since 2012 might be the last Grammy's EVER (well, according to the Mayan calendar at least), what better year to have a host again?

Having hosted the Grammy nominations concert for the past 4 years, it was a pretty obvious choice to have Cool James do us the honor of hosting the actual awards ceremony. The ladies do love him, after all... Not to mention he's charismatic, handsome, talented, telegenic, and uh...JACKED (I wonder if the Grammy's have a 'no shirt' policy? Sure hope not). Plus he's got the drive, and his lyrics to "Baby" (also our Lyric Of The Week) can totally prove it:
You need somethin' like me? / (Good luck) / Cuz he ain't nothin' like me / (No) / You can search but you never gon' find / A love that's quite like mine

It's true, we won't find a host quite as experienced or easy on the eyes (come on, you were all thinking it) as Cool James. Mark your calendars ladies, the Grammy's will be worth PVR-ing this year—and not just for the Adele appearances.

Be sure to tune into the 2012 Grammys on CBS, Sunday February 12th at 8/7c!