Lyric of The Week: Monster Mash

If you've ever seen a monster before / Dancin' across the dance floor / Don't be afraid, don't run and shout / Turn around and help the monster turn it out

You knew it was coming. Of course we had to pick Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "Monster Mash" for our Halloween-themed Lyric of the Week! 

Everyone knows the chorus, "He did the mash! He did the monster mash!" but when it's over we all just sort of mumble off and hang out at the punch bowl and touch up our fake blood until the verse ends so we can yell, "He did the mash!" again and get our Transylvania Twist on.

We're so used to hearing it every year that sometimes we forget what it's really about: PARTY MONSTERS. No, not the Macaulay Culkin kind. The real kind. The kind who Kanye's "Monster" is giving a bad name. Seriously, if you check the lyrics, it's just about gremlins, goblins, and ghouls hanging out at a house party and having a good time. Oh yeah, and Dracula's in a band! Hard to visualize, I know. Just picture the "Makes No Difference" music video with a passed out Frankenstein getting drawn on, Dracula rollin' in on an ATV instead of DMX (uhhh—what?), and "The Crypt-Kicker Five" instead of Sum 41.