Lyric of the Week: Remembering Biggie Smalls 15 Years Later

Today, March 9th 2012, marks the 15th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G./Biggie Smalls/Christopher Wallace's death. The rap legend was gunned down in his car while leaving a party in 1997. As an artist with more posthumous releases than when he was alive, it's clear that Biggie's legacy continues to live on in the ever changing world of hip-hop.

Many artists are still influenced by the late Biggie Smalls' effortless flow, and catchy rhymes. It's not hard to see his talent shine through his lyrics which is why we chose him for this week's featured lyric. Here's a great line from his song "Hypnotize" (which happens to be the #1 Notorious B.I.G. song on MetroLyrics!)

"Dead right, if the head right, Biggie there every night / Poppa been smooth since days of Underroos / Never lose, never choose to, bruise crews who / Do something to us, talk go through us"

What's your favorite Biggie lyric? Let us know below!