_____ Lyric Of The Week: Rick Ross Bring His 'B' Game

Rick Ross, deep in thought...

You'd think that Rick Ross would be the least likely person to flip through a book on poetic devices, but his lyrics say otherwise...

Okay, let us explain. Remember that thing you learned in grammar school about sentences whose words all start with the same letter? You know, like Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers? Well that little trick is called alliteration and The Teflon Don was clearly channeling his high school English class days when he wrote this verse for "I Love My B*tches" 'cause it's brimful of B's!

Bottles, Beamers, brand new Benzs / Barbies ballerinas and Britneys / Barbra Streisand edition Bentleys / Bricks, big face hundreds in bundles

Anyone else surprised he didn't mention banks or bacon? Look out Robert Frost, here comes Rick Ross!