Lyric of the Week: Usher - Climax

Usher has gone through a few transitions in his (long) career. He went from baby-faced slow-jam crooner, to dance-focussed superstar, to club-banger artist, and now he's entering yet another new phase: electro R&B! His new song "Climax" with Diplo is about a relationship that has run its course after too much on-again off-again shenanigans.

The song is a welcome departure from his previous simplistic dance hits like and "OMG" because it feels more genuine, and it really showcases the vocal talent that made Usher a star in the first place. This is a very relatable, bittersweet breakup song that will have heartbroken folks saying ""Yeah!" (sorry). Here's our lyric of the week:

Going nowhere fast / We've reached the climax / We're together, now we're undone / Won't commit so we choose to / Run away

What do you think of Usher's new song with producer extraordinaire Diplo? Let us know below!