Lyric Of The Week: Wiz Khalifa's "Roll Up"

Since we're all Twitter addicts over here in MetroLyrics land, we couldn't help but notice two trending topics on the popular social media site that caught our eye: Wiz and Amber Rose and She Said Yes. Instantly, we thought back to the 2012 Grammys where the two lovebirds were interviewed on the red carpet, and Rose was quoted as saying "We're not engaged, not yet. But soon though". Cut to two and a half weeks later, and what do you know: Wiz proposed and Amber said YES!

We feel like a celebration is in order, since the adorable duo seem totally made for each other, so we're dedicating our Lyric Of The Week to this happy couple. Here's a line from Wiz's "Roll Up" that we think is rather fitting:

"Don't matter if I'm near, don't matter if you're far / All you do is pick the phone up lady / And I'll be there when you call"

Best wishes, Wiz and Amber Rose! Do you have any love lyrics you'd like to dedicate to the freshly-engaged lovebirds?