LYRIC PREMIERE: Walk Off The Earth's New Album R.E.V.O.

Image for Walk Off The Earth band lyric premiere

Walk Off The Earth rose to prominence covering hits on YouTube but that's far from the limit of their talent. On March 19th, the band will be releasing their first full-length album R.E.V.O., featuring 10 original songs, as well as their now classic cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know."

As it turns out, Walk Off The Earth are talented songwriters, and it shows their debut album R.E.V.O. — an acronym for "Realize Every Victory Outright." And that's something you don't just have to take our word for. We're going to show you, thanks to this exclusive first look at the lyrics to R.E.V.O. 

Walk Off The Earth provided us with 10 pieces of handwritten art, each one with the lyrics to a different song from the album. Check them out below and find out what to expect from R.E.V.O. when it's released on 3/19.


Lyric Premiere Walk Off The Earth REVO

2. Red Hands

Handwritten lyrics Red Hands Walk Off The Earth MetroLyrics

3. Gang of Rhythm

Handwritten Lyrics to the song Gang of Rhythm from Walk Off The Earth

4. Speeches

Speeches Lyrics handwritten from Walk Off The Earth

5. Sometimes

Sometimes Handwritten Lyrics from Walk Off The Earth

6. Shake

Handwritten Lyrics Walk Off The Earth Shake

7. Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye Cover)

8. These Times

Handwritten Lyrics from Walk Off The Earth for These Times

9. Summer Vibe

Handwritten Lyrics Summer Vibe Walk Off The Earth

10. Money Tree

Handwritten Lyrics Money Tree Walk Off The Earth

11. No Ulterior Motives

handwritten lyrics from walk off the earth no ulterior motives

Which of these handwritten pieces of art is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Watch the video music video for "Red Hands" the latest single from R.E.V.O. (played entirely on a BIG GUITAR) and look for the album March 19th.