Lyric Video: Get The Words to Protest The Hero's "Clarity"

The metal band's new lyric video is nerd-tastic!

Canadian progressive-metal outfit Protest The Hero are gearing up to put out their fourth studio album, Volition, and with it comes the first single off the forthcoming release, "Clarity". Not to be mistaken with producer Zedd's smash hit of the same name, PTH's latest hit have such deep lyrics that we can barely decode them. No common thread / No ties that bind / Just grasping and clawing to keep in mind / Historical analysis / They play us every vote / But what contributes more to the whole?

The single's lyric video, however, pokes at the group's obsession with nerd culture, featuring every fictional hero from Iron Man to Yoda kicking butt in an epic park right. Watch the lyric video for Protest The Hero's "Clarity" below and let us know what you think of it in the comments: