Lyric Video of the Day (Part 2): Jennifer Lopez — Dance Again (ft. Pitbull)

Looks like it's a popular day for lyric videos! Following Katy Perry's lyric video for her new track "Dressin' Up", Jennifer Lopez (more popularly know as J.Lo) released her Pitbull-featured lyric video for "Dance Again" and we're lovin' it.

Written by the mecca of pop songwriters Lady Gaga and producer RedOne, the song is an ode to J.Lo's lover, saying they shouldn't be afraid of what people think about their romance and that they should feel free to dance and love in the public. But wait — this song was recorded in 2011, so...was she predicting the future? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, J.Lo is apparently dating her backup dancer who is somewhere around 18 years her junior: maybe they revisited "Dance Again", realized it was relevant to J.Lo's life and released it?

All guessing games aside, our prediction that this danceable, bass-heavy jam will be pumping out of everybody's radio in the near future — do you agree?