PREMIERE: Davina Leone "Perfectly" Lyric Video

This pop star is just on the verge of breaking out: watch her new lyric video exclusively through us!

Davina Leone may just be 20 years old, but she has already released her first album, Awake, and has opened for OneRepublic on their tour. Not bad for a budding singer/songwriter! Growing up in Miami and raised by a family of musicians, music was in her blood, and she took it on at an early age by getting into the piano and singing in local Broadway productions.

Her song "Perfectly" describes how she fits just right with somebody special, and it's an uplifting pop tune that is sweet and relatable. We have the lyric video for "Perfectly" before anybody else, and it's a unique one because Davina is in it herself! Watch the premiere of her new lyric video below:

Pick up her single "Perfectly" over on iTunes if you like what you hear.

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