LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Lights feat. Owl City - "Cactus in the Valley (Acoustic)"

Image of recording artist Lights

Though she's probably better known for electro-pop songs, Lights' has no trouble stripping her music down and going acoustic. Exhibit A: this version of "Cactus in the Valley" from her upcoming album "Siberia Acoustic." For the acoustic version of "Cactus in the Valley," a piano and strings accompany vocals from Lights and Owl City. The lyrics — unchanged from the original — demonstrate Lights' innate songwriting ability. Take this chorus for example:

"And wipe the mark of madness from my face / Show me that your love will never change / If my yesterday is a disgrace / Tell me that you still recall my name"

For the lyric video, Lights makes use of a good old fashioned pen and paper, writing out the lyrics to the song on composition pages. The handwritten text and stop motion camera make for an effective visual with a personal touch.

MetroLyrics is the official premiere destination the "Cactus in the Valley (Acoustic)" lyric video, and we couldn't be more excited. Get the exclusive first look at the lyric video below:

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