LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Tristan Prettyman - "My Oh My"

Promo image for Tristan Prettyman Premiere on MetroLyrics

Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman has been making beautiful music since a young age when she found her father's guitar and promptly borrowed it. She was inspired to write and perform by one of her musical idols Ani DiFranco and began playing at clubs and cafes in her native California. Soon she was tapped by Jason Mraz to accompany him on tour — talk about a great opportunity. From there her music gained more and more exposure and a large fanbase of music lovers who like her laid-back, poignant musical style.

Prettyman has 2 full-length albums under her belt and a 3rd is due for release later this year. It's entitled Cedar + Gold and fans can expect to hear it in full on September 25th. Until then, she's given MetroLyrics the exclusive chance to premiere the lyric video for her single "My Oh My" today! Watch it below:

Tristan also filled out a My Musical Mind questionnaire for us, where she explains some of her musical influences and the lyrics that changed her life. Click the image below to see it:

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